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Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution Week is a global event: from Switzerland to the United States but also in the UK and China, over 130 countries celebrate it. The movement was founded in 2014 by the British fashion designer Carry Somers, social entrepreneur and fair-fashion advocate, upon the terrible collapse of the Rana Plaza, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where five garment factories fell to the ground, killing over 1100 and injuring more than 2500 people.

Western fast-fashion brands were involved in these factories and this incident shows the importance of being conscious and responsible in what we buy. We need to ask ourselves where the product comes from, in which conditions it was made and how it impacts the humans of its supply chain along with the environment.

The Fashion Revolution Day, is a day at which we need to push brands to reveal their supply-chain conditions. A few years ago however, the day turned into a week with global events held around the world to give light to a fair fashion movement, with fashion shows, panel discussions, etc. This year, the week started the on Avril 20th to end on the 28th.

During this week, we encourage you to ask yourselves what you consume in terms of clothing. Do you require full transparency on the production methods of the clothes you wear? We do. This is the full objective of this week: ask your favorite brands more transparency with #whomademyclothes .

Everyone is welcome to participate: designers, clients, brands and committed activists to celebrate fashion, but an ethical and responsible one.

Allure Sauvage and Fashion Revolution ?

This week, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the craftman behind our second collection: Baptiste, from FEONI in Paris. 

For a maximal transparency, we prefer to share our suppliers and partners rather than keeping them secret. We are keen to showcase their talent, hardwork and values. 

FEONI knows its way around Piñatex as it has worked on this new textile for a while already. This particular set of skills allows Allure Sauvage to discover new techniques of which we did not know about.

Moreover, Natacha Reymond, co-founder of Allure Sauvage, was interviewed on the instagram of Fashion Revolution Switzerland.  We are honored to be fighting for this movement, which answers to the same values we are trying to share. With Allure Sauvage, we are trying to make a change in this industry by offering a fair and transparent supply-chain, respecting every human being this process. Changing an industry is no easy task, but everyone can make small lifestyle changes, supporting ethical brands, which contribute to a bigger change.

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