Fashion Hackathon for Sustainability

Two weeks ago already was held the Fashion Hackathon for Sustainability at the Campus Biotech of Geneva. The event was part of Open Geneva and organized by Natacha Reymond, co-founder of Allure Sauvage. 

Open Geneva and the Fashion Hackathon, what’s that?

During one full week, different locations around Geneva open their doors to all, with the main idea of innovating for solutions to suppor the Sustainable Development Goals. In this spirit are held diverse  Hackathons on various subjects, but all working together to find innovative solutions for a better world. 

Our Hackathon was aimed at rethinking the industry for a more ethical, responsible and sustainable one. 

Five teams worked during two days, from the 22 to 23rd of March 2019 (non stop), to suggest alternative to a world and an industry often too careless about its social and environmental impact of its production. The participants of the Fashion Hackathon worked together on finding solutions to the following objectives:

  • Waste creation in the Design Process
  • The lack of ethics in the supply-chain
  • Excessive sales and consumption 

Five teams competed for the podium, and the winning teams were carefully selected by our jury panel from peculiar professional backagrounds yet with the same objective. 

Everyone was able to deliver to specific knowledge and experience from the fashion indutry to coach and challenge the teams in their work. The Fashion Hackathon was, above all, a place to share and contribute and where everyone had the opportunity to learn or teach. 

Fashion Hackathon Projects 2019 

Everyteam has worked hard during two days to rethink and lead the alternatives to the Fast Fashion Industry. During this weekend, three teamss were selected by the jury. 

The third place was awarded to Transparency & Technology, a project presented by Elodie Auer.

Elodie’s project focuses on the study of fashion supply chains. She wishes to bring forward more transparency to the consumer in the current practices undertaken in the industry. This could be done through an app using Blockchain technologies to give information about a product to its consumer via a barcode. 

During the Hackathon, she aimed to:

  •  Evaluate and ameliorate the current basics and structures of solutions currently offered. 
  • Suggest a prototype of a mobile app along with its user board interface.
  • Configure the tool according to various demands to be able to attract different actors of the industry. 
  • Find a clear and impactful message to promote the tool. Develop the strategy, the global vision and mission along with the values. 
Her team each won a Creature notebook along with their certificate of participation to the Hackathon.

 Hi Bye Collective reached second place, lead by par Sophie, Helene et Beata.

Hi Bye is a group of three women, fashion designers and constantly re-thinking their industry. Their strenght is to be able to offer collections with almost, if not zero waste of resources when in the design process. It is with a high transparency that they presented their ethics and sustainable values. 

The hackathon allowed them to:

  • Share their experience and knowledge on the subject
  • Acquire new skills and gain more expertise from the various people at the Hackathon.  
The team went home with their certificate of participation, a T-Shirt each from A New York Affair and a 30% discount at Tallis.   

Finally, Esscode came in first place, lead by Camille Agnes.

Esscode is a project of an online sustainable fashion platform. A complete website offering an informational magazine and an online shop. Camille would like to offer glamour products, elegant while ethical and responsible. 

Thanks to the Hackathon, Camille was able to:

  •  Identify consumer’s needs and wants 
  •  Identify brands and retails she could partner with
  • Study the logitstics of an online platform: customer services, product expedition and merchandising. 
  •  Study the development of a website, UX Design and the creation of the online shop.
  • She will now work on finding investors or launching a crowdfunding platform.
Camille and her teammate win a Baume Watch and the Esscode project itself an incubation at Impact Hub

Another team worked on developing a new communication strategy for Allure Sauvage, in the light of the launch of the second collection. Hopefully you will be able to experience the result of this project first-hand! 

The last project was lead by Fashion Revolution. The global organization’s Swiss pole organizes a weekend to revolutionate the fashion industry. The aim is to raise awareness of social and environmental issues caused by the fashion industry. The team has developed the communication strategy of the Fashion Revolution Week happening in Geneva on April 27th and 28th. 


Allure Sauvage

La finalité du Fashion Hackathon 2019

The ideas, born or developped during this hackathon, allow a growing mindset towards sustainability in the fashion industry, or even a rejection of  « fast-fashion ».

This type of event and the projects brought to life do not leave us indifferent and we are all concerned about the challenges faced for climate: Changing our habits is necessary, and raising awareness is even more. For those interested to attend a second edition… we will see in 2020! 

PS: Read more about the hackathon on this note written by Katia Vladimirova on LinkedIn

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