The Savage

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The Savage can be used both as a clutch and with its beautiful silver chain. There is a zipper under the cover to make sure your valuables are safe, and a little pocket inside. The paprika colour is the perfect twist to your winter wardrobe but as a timeless piece, it also brightens your spring and matches your summer tan flawlessly.

It is handmade in Geneva by the artisan Thomas Birchler.

Dimensions: 16 x 27cm

Piñatex®Peta approved Vegan

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Unique and sophisticated, our bags are designed in capsule collections. Our second model is derived from our first limited edition, the Peacock Lady, available on kickstarter. It is made with a natural leather alternative from pineapple leaf fiber, Piñatex®  in Paprika colour.

Care: Piñatex® has the same shelf life as leather: it is very durable but you should take good care of it. Avoid the rain – it is resistant to water but not waterproof. Avoid sunlight as the colors might fade after time. After each use, shine your bag the same way you would shine your shoes. Piñatex® is made from plants, there can be small imperfections to the textile itself.

Delivery: It can take up to 5-6 weeks for the delivery of your bag as it is handmade in Geneva. We will do our best to limit your waiting time.

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Dimensions 27 × 16 cm


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