About Us

Selena Sieger

We are Natacha, graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and Selena, Master of Luxury Craftsmanship from the Ecole Cantonale D’Arts de Lausanne.

We first met over coffee at Bad Hunter, a vegetarian place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Die-hard recycling specialists, environmental activists and meat avoiders, we were both angry not to have other choices than leather or plastic when it came to handbags. We’d have some vegan options, often made of new plastic. Or we’d have some recycled plastic options, made in China. There was so little we could find that really conveyed our values, and these few pieces we’d have to import from across the world.

This is how Allure Sauvage was created. Allure represents the pride and elegance we both look for when choosing our clothes and accessories, and Sauvage the relationship we have with nature itself.

We aim to only use plant-based materials and turn them into hip things, not hippie. As well as being vegan and without plastic, our bags are fair: we collaborate with a geneva-based workshop helping women back into the professional life, awarded for their ethics and sustainable development.

Natacha Reymond


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