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At Allure Sauvage, we provide ethically-made designer products with plant-based alternatives to leather and plastic. We are the first in Switzerland to be using the pineapple-leaf fiber Piñatex in our collections. 

Made in Switzerland, PETA – approved VEGAN

Piñatex® Peta approved Vegan

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We are Natacha and Selena. We are Savage.

Die-hard recycling specialists, environmental activists and meat avoiders, we were both angry not to have other choices than leather or plastic when it came to handbags. We’d have some vegan options often made of new plastic. Or we’d have some recycled plastic options made in China. There was so little we could find that really conveyed our values, and these few pieces we’d have to import from across the world.

Allure Sauvage is a way for us to show that beautiful things can be made with more sustainable materials. Our designs all represent our values, what we fight for. We’re the generation that will make a change.

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Natacha Reymond et Selena Sieger

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