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At Allure Sauvage, we provide ethically-made designer products with plant-based alternatives to leather and plastic. We are the first in Switzerland to be using the pineapple-leaf fiber Piñatex in our collections. 

Made in Switzerland, PETA – approved VEGAN

Piñatex® Peta approved Vegan

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We are Sauvage.

For a long time, we couldn’t find any leather alternative for handbags and accessories that would fit both our values and our wardrobes. Indeed, many options were either made from plastic, or were made far away, sometimes in questionnable conditions. Pieces that were both ethical and eco-friendly were difficult to find, and often would involve  importing them from across the world, or simply did not fit our everyday outfits and style. 

So we created Allure Sauvage, thanks to some great teamwork. It became a way to show that beautiful pieces can be made with more sustainable materials. Our designs all represent our values, what we fight for. We’re the generation that will make a change.

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Allure Sauvage is supported by the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative.

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